Ronit Ziswiler

Founder and owner at RZ jewelry Design


Ronit is a native of Israel and a resident of Switzerland. Throughout her life, Ronit has lived in 11 different countries among Nigeria, Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Argentina, Ecuador in South America, Canada and the US. Her lifestyle was the cause of her passion and interest in different cultures, and especially the love of color. Ronit was influenced by the costumes of the citizens of the different countries, the designs that distinguish each culture, and especially the different colors of each country: the colors that change in different settings..the light of the sun, the weather, and white snow.

The color, she said, had excited her from early childhood. She was drawn to various combinations of colors and shapes and loved as a child to match unacceptable colors to each other in her clothes.


When Ronit lived in Washington DC, her husband's function as Ambassador brought her to be in various formal and casual events with powerful women having key roles, where Ronit was asked to look for her own voice, to represent herself elegantly, with special emphasis on personal touch. 

So she decided to teach herself how to make jewelry by breaking and smashing vintage jewelry and recreating them from the same materials. She also bought stones and pearls, thus creating many short chains that she wore once and then again dismantled and created a new product

At the same time Ronit took lessons in jewelry design. Engaging in jewelry at the time, expanded her knowledge in the field, she studied, and created many. She noticed at that time that handmade jewelry was very expensive and many women could not afford these expenses.


These insights led her to turn the hobby and interest of jewelry making into a profession so she chose to establish a small business of unique jewelry. The long nights produced a collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and her house became a workshop.

Today, Ronit manages the business herself, she is in charge of jewelry creation and design and any profit, invested in the business to promote it. Her jewelry is prominent in color, shapes which influenced by the cultures in which she lives. The materials she uses are high quality and their design make it possible to wear them from morning to evening for work or afterwards, easily and in style without feeling heaviness or discomfort.


Ronit's goal is for women to recognize and wear her jewelry, embrace the jewelry as part of their personal identity, recognize the unique brand and choose the jewelry that suits them.

According to Ronit, "A woman who is classical, energetic and does not flinch when people turn their heads when enters a room, is a woman who represents something unique to herself and the jewelry helps her make her appearance unique and powerful.

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